EOI – Target Australia Family Day Catering

Target Australia Family Day Catering

Target Australia are after 5 savoury Food Trucks and 3 Sweet food truck to cater for the family day and information function.
Food vendors are required to create a menu with 2 options each. Please keep track of your itemized sales as a sales report will be collected at the end of trade. There will also be food tokens which will be counted by staff.

Address: 12-14 Thompson Road North Geelong
Date: Friday, 12 October 2018
Trading Times: 12:00pm – 5:00pm (Major service from 12:00pm – 2:00pm)
Event Requirements: 8 food trucks will be operating (No marquees – 5 providing savoury meals and 3 dessert).
Number of Attendees: 1,000 – 1,500

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST CLOSES: Thursday 27th September 2018.

On the day: Attendees will be selecting meals as they choose. There is no voucher system in place.

Menu requirements to be submitted with application:
Each savoury vendor will need to present a menu to value of $10.00 including main and a small side.
Each sweets vendor will need to present a menu deal to value of $5.00.
The menus will be presented to our client for selections.
This is a NUT FREE EVENT. No nuts are to be included in any menu. Celiac menus are welcomed. Please have “kid friendly” options.
If you are accepted to trade, we remind you that the menu you offer with this application cannot be changed without prior approval.

Number of Meals: Each savoury vendor will need to make available a minimum of 300 meals and each sweet vendor a minimum of 500. However you may prepare as many meals as you wish because your level of revenue will depend on the number of customers you serve and the meals available.

Please note: We do not guarantee any particular levels of sale as attendees are free to choose where to eat.

Staffing: We expect vendors to provide adequate staffing during peak trading periods to avoid unnecessary delay in customer service. Your level of service or efficiency will determine your daily sales; therefore, we suggest you provide sufficient staff to cope with crowds.

Rubbish: There may be limited rubbish facilities. Be prepared to take your rubbish with you on bump out.

Power: No power is provided – Food trucks must use their own generator.

Sales: We will collect an itemized sales report at the completion of the. A staff member will count the physical tokens you have at the end of the day. You will be paid based on the physical serves. Please enter each token in your register so that they can be matched up with your total token count and itemized sales.

Payment: AMFVG will reimburse each vendor, the exact token value collected, less our fees. Vendors will be paid post event, within 3 days.

Pro Members: 5% of gross sales/voucher value
Grow Members: 8% of gross sales/ voucher value
Start-Up Members: 12% of gross sales/ voucher value
Non-members: 15% of gross sales/ voucher value

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Food Truck Vendor's Catering Agreement 2018

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Further details can be obtained by contacting us on: eoi@amfvg.com.au.