Mercedes Benz – VIC

Mercedes Benz food van for sale
Melbourne, VIC. Price Negotiable.


  • Mercedes Benz – Sprinter Model
  • 6.9m (L) x 1.9m (W) x 3.2m (H)
  • Manual drive, 6 speed and has currently travelled 154,819 km
  • Electronic sign to help you promote your business

The service area is big enough for 6 people to work comfortably. 

Fit out includes the following: Two double fryers for multiple cooking; and a 60cm x 50cm flattop grill that can easily be converted into a stove.

Gas powered with gas bottle. The van is fitted with an industrial exhaust fan with three filter canopies. There’s a long stainless steel bench (210cm x 73cm) for food preparation.

The van features three types of cooled storage; a drinks fridge 1.39m x 55cm w and 65cm deep, fan powered cool room 75cm h x 63cm w and 53cm deep plus a freezer 75cm h x 63cm w and 53cm.

The slide out bench is 252cm x 75cm comes with a four unit bain-marie 65cm h, 150cm w and 65cm deep.
There’s a washing sink that has two basins. All water is captured via sullage tank that can carry 90 litres of liquid waste.

The van can additionally comes with the branding documents necessary for your graphic designer to edit or promote the business. If you have a specific van decal in mind, let us know as this can be an added.  

Located in Melbourne VIC. Price Negotiable.
Please contact (03) 9973-0175 for more information.